NIRCam and GSUSA educators

NIRCam is Etched
'Go Girl Scouts'

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Since 2001, NIRCam's scientists, educators, and engineers have worked closely with volunteers and leaders of the Girl Scouts of the USA to empower young women and girls in STEM subjects. Our "Train the Trainer" workshops have built a team of 265 GSUSA world-wide leaders who conduct science/math activities with their local troops. Together we use the excitement of NIRCam and JWST to teach valuable skills for use in daily life, in careers, and for good citizenship. To honor our partners and show our dedication to STEM education, Dr. Alison Nordt, our lead opto-mechanical engineer at Lockheed Martin, arranged to have the NIRCam instrument's beryllium optical bench permanently etched with the phrase 'Go Girl Scouts'. So, JWST will literally take Girl Scouts into space.