Education and Public Outreach

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"I always thought science was just memorizing facts but you guys are encouraging us to think and explore."

"Your Camp and your excellent teaching skills influenced my drive to be part of the women in science and engineering society."

NIRCam is the Near-Infrared Camera for the James Webb Space Telescope, an international collaboration between NASA and the European and Canadian space agencies. After launch in 2018, our science team will begin exploring our own origins by characterizing planets around other stars and observing how the first stars and galaxies formed in our growing Universe. Since beginning in 2002, we have partnered with the Girl Scouts of the USA to help the public understand these fundamental topics and to encourage girls and young women to become excited about careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). To date, 265 GSUSA leaders have attended our "Train the Trainer" workshops from 80 GSUSA Councils in 41 US states, District of Columbia, Guam, and Japan.