The gravitationally lensed

Education and Public Outreach

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"I always thought science was just memorizing facts but you guys are encouraging us to think and explore."

Since its inception in 2002, the Near-InfraRed Camera (NIRCam) team for NASA's 6.5-meter James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has conducted an education and public outreach program in partnership with the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Our scientists, engineers, graduate students, and science educators work directly with GSUSA volunteer leaders. To date, 265 GSUSA women and men have attended our "Train the Trainer" workshops from 80 GSUSA Councils in 41 US states, District of Columbia, Guam, and Japan. Together we helped revise the GSUSA's astronomy badge curriculum. We continue working together to encourage thousands of young girls to become enthusiastic and proficient in general science, math, and engineering. We enable the general public to understand the development of our Universe together with its galaxies, stars, and planets through the science of JWST.