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Origins and Science

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JWST's scientific discoveries will probe the origins of galaxies, stars, planets, and of life itself. These fundamental topics have been the subject of human speculation for centuries and are now potentially knowable at a much deeper level. However, many people will feel that science is infringing on their religious beliefs and, therefore, you may feel reluctant to bring these discoveries to the attention of your troops and families. Here we provide some resources to help promote thoughtful conversations on origins-related topics. We welcome your input, too!

"The universe is full of logic, which makes even more poignant its mysteries and puzzles. How its wonders can exist at all, or allow the coherent development of life and of human understanding, is remarkable regardless of how one views them. Its existence naturally challenges our philosophical ideas and comes close to religious thought. To many in the past, science and religion have challenged each other in an unfriendly way, yet to me the challenge is a friendly one, and one that is likely to be resolved in the long run, by unity." (Dr. Charles Townes - Nobel Prize physicist, "Making Waves")